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The Castle of Acquafredda, Siliqua

About 3 km from the town of Siliqua visitors will find the castle of Acquafredda, the remaining walls and merlons of which dominate the Cixerri valley.

The castle is built on the summit of a...

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Cave of Santa Barbara, Iglesias

The cave of Santa Barbara was discovered in 1952 not far from Iglesias. Today it is one of the most ancient ones in Europe.

The cave is almost entirely perfectly intact thanks to the fact that it...

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Punic Roman temple of Antas - Fluminimaggiore

The temple of Antas is located in the middle of the mountains of the Iglesiente, a region rich in metal ores, in one of it's green valleys.

Originally the temple was erected by the Punics to...

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Cala Domestica - Buggerru

Set in a wild corner of the south-western coast, among white calcareous cliffs, the inlet of Cala Domestica delights the eyes of the spectator with a beach covered in fine sand mixed with gravel,...

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